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  • More projects with Digital Games in school
  • and Mobile Learning.

Flipped Class at University B2/C1

Flipped Class at University Level B2/C1

Are you teaching Technical English to science students and can’t make videos yourself? Here is one simple idea and some links that will help you make your lessons more interesting.


Who applies Mobile Learning?

 Many schools have been using mobile devices to teach. Some schools even have their own apps. Universities rely on Mobile Learning because of the advantages. Primary schools use mobile devices because they have proved to be useful in many ways, for example for disabled kids. Many schools talk about their experiences with Mobile Learning and their positive results. But what do students think? Do they have a different view of Mobile Learning or even further ideas on how can Mobile Learning help us in future? One student explains why Mobile Learning should be standard learning. All in all, we can summarize: Mobile Learning is the future.