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Edutopia Redloaded Part 3

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This time is vacation time and Edutopia has the right thing to get anyone excited about it. Heading towards the mountains from the residential area you will see lodges around a peaceful lake. One of the lodges is the one where students can solve a crime and spend time just admiring the scenery. At the other side of the lake, you can have a camping holiday with fiends, the campers, fire places and boats offer all the comfort for a quiet holiday outdoors. If you go fishing, you better be careful not to fall off the boat, the lake has got more than fish, if you decide to dive, you will find things at the bottom that are not from this world and another adventure awaits there for you. What you will see there is just the beginning.


Once you start exploring the bottom of the big sea surrounding Edutopia and the rivers, you may find shapes that glow and if you click on them you will be witness of how  holodecks in virtual worlds work, all of a sudden scenes you thought could only appear in fairy tales will be in front of you, you will be able to walk around the many parts of Atlantis, Nemo city, Mermaid bay, Underwater fair, Underwater school, marine Stone Henge, ruins, crashed plane, pyramids, caves and even play a game when you see glowing spheres inside a cave. To put it short: Under every scene on land there lays a part of Atlantis world  hidden in the depths of  Edutopian waters.

If you happen to find a sunken pirate ship somewhere and the sharks do not kill you, you should get out of the water and spend some time on a deserted island that will rob you the last nerve when you bump into skeletons of former pirates and their treasures. It is worth taking your time inspecting every side of the caves. Search for the waterfalls and climb the stairs to the top. The view will take your breath away, you will also have the possibility to click on things and get wood, food and water for your stay.Deserted Island will be the best place to stay if you need a rest. It was made to simulate ship wrecks and do survival training.When you go round the island, you will eventually find a cave with more surprises, you may even find the way out to another part from which you will see a village.

If you swim there you will be traveling in time, but by the time you realize where you are it will be too late. You will have arrived at a flourishing Pirate Village. Nothing to worry about, all pirates are away, so relax and go to the pub, but first go and get yourself a pirate costume just in case there are pirates around, have a walk down the promenade near the ammunition shop, have a look at the ships, visit the dormitories, the cemetery, the market and the prosthetic's shop (something you'll never forget! )You'll love Pirate Village and if not, do not despair, there is a way out of the village, walking further passing the cemetery, but beware! You will still find yourself in medieval times, dressed as a pirate.

Medieval Village has got three castles, the first one is surrounded by a wall and has a small village of it's own. The huge castle has got a temple, several timber houses, rivers etc. A lovely place to film. Enter if you want to spend a nice half an hour strolling around. If you keep walking, you'll eventually find the market place of the second village full of buildings and citizens on a normal day of the week. The village is  huge, there is a lot to see, like the different shops showing the trades people used to have at that time.  At the end of the street, you'll see the Coastal Castle. Don't miss the view from inside, all rooms were decorated and furnished according to the time. Witness a medieval party in the ball room or sit in the bedroom, lay on the bed in the private chambers, sit at the conference table in the office or have a bath in the copper tube. Sit on the throne, admire the carpets and the furniture. A great place to film and explain history.

The third castle lays not far from there, it is black and holds far too many secrets as well as many ghosts, do not enter if you are not brave enough. Entering Ghost Castle, at your own risk, you'll be confronted with bots and objects trying to give you information about a long past crime, but you'll need a group of students to actually do the activity, so just don't click on anything if you just want to enjoy the frightening atmosphere. :)

When you leave the castle, you'll need a break before you continue the tour, next stop Edutopia 1 (yes, another sim!)




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