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Edutopia Reloaded Part 2

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                                                               Last time I stopped at the travel's agency. I went round the square again to the other side and had  a look at the smart court building which is a masterpiece as Barbara made all that is inside herself. She made the banks, the tables, the stairs, etc. I    can imagine having a moot court  competition in English where some students have to learn specific vocabulary for law. Walking further you will have the chance to visit an art  gallery with lots of different pictures in different rooms, they have modern art, classical art, fractal art etc. Those rooms  are a good opportunity for students to talk about colours, shapes, art in general and exhibitions.





Apart from the art gallery, you should not miss the dinosaur museum. The collection of dinosaurs is not the only surprise you are going to get! If you do not respect the sign: "Do not touch" you will be sorry, but you will have fun. Be prepared to spend the rest of the hour interacting there.

Right beside is the Galaxy dance club, if you turn your settings to night and go inside, you'll have a great time inside dancing. The club is ideal for a party.

If you make it to the port, you will see a luxury cruise ship, go in and have a look inside. Feel at home! And the best thing is, you can have a tour round the islands without leaving the ship. Permission needed, though. Only the captain, Barbara, can move the cruise ship.

If you walk the whole promenade passing the back part of the dinosaur's museum, you will eventually get to the port and be able to see how a cargo ship is being loaded, you can go and see the warehouses. If you leave the area and turn right on the first street, you will be just round the corner of the famous Irish pub and Inn "The Wailing Banshee" Go in and have a chat with the bots at the bar, no worries, if you get drunk, just get a room upstairs and continue your trip the next morning.

After leaving the pub, turn left an keep on that side, soon strange things will happen, assuming you did not have a beer for breakfast, you will think your imagination is playing with you. Read the names of the shops carefully, do enter! At some point you will realize that the lane is enchanted and if you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will soon realize that you are on Harry Potter's lane! 

You should get your Quidditsch uniform for the next games, don't forget the broom. All visitors try the game at least once. There is a Quidditsch  field too. The wands for sale work wonders and the books are magical. Continue walking down that lane and you will soon see the baseball and football fields, soon you'll see the airport which I recommend to take a good look at.

The airport is a huge building with modern furniture, shops, a dinner, waiting area and a beautiful conference center, there you can have talks in an international flair. As the airport is a little world of its own, people who like making machinima will love the place, people who like teaching in one area will love the place too, there are so many scenes to make a huge variety of role-play, that it has become one of my favorites.

Next to the airport is the skyline and a residential area, somewhere there are two luxury and fully equipped pent houses, explore the buildings near and try to find them! But, don't get lost, there is also a slum near the airport. In case you land there, it would be better to find the police station before you start discussing with a chatbot who does not like strangers. A great place to show students what a slum is and how people live or to make machinima on social topics. BTW the slum has all the inhabitants need to stay there, have a look at the shops and facilities available.

The residential area has middle class housing and homes for the rich, once you are there, you will spend a lot of time going into all houses and having a look. There are two mansions in the rich area which you should not pass inadvertently. Near the sea there is a typical, modern, American house with children's room, recreation room, garages, garden, working room, bedrooms, a huge kitchen  etc. All students need to talk about a house and living in modern society. You will see the fire camp belonging to the house on the small beach by the sea. Further away, there is a traditional English manor that you can't miss, go in and explore, learn about the history of former inhabitants, experience the Para- normal activity and interact with the house and its ghosts. The manor's history is connected to other regions in the sim. There are many activities for students to try out in the manor.

Having said that, I will leave you to it and promise to write part three very soon. We are not even half-way through yet!


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