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Edorble 3D world

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Edorble is a new 3D world with a different approach. The CEO is Gabe Baker, who is a former teacher, he knows well what a classroom needs. The best is to come, teachers can get a 3D world in Edorble for free. Many teachers may want to start the new school year with new ideas, maybe joining Edorble is a good one.

The world is free at the moment as it is in the Beta phase, so I went in and got a world, after inspecting everything I can say that what I liked most of the world is that it is easy to register, there is uncomplicated access to your own private world and once you are in the world you can use lots of media to teach. I liked the boards with tools ready to use.


The tools you can use in there are:

  1.  You Tube  where you can show films of any kind.
  2.  Zaption   a tool for recording and cutting already made videos in order to use them in class. Zaption already has a gallery of ready made lessons in different subjects and levels that teachers can use. Unfortunately Zaption will be closing at the end of September. Surely Edorble will come up with another tool doing similar things.
  3.  Drop box a tool to share docs, videos, presentations etc.
  4.  Google search, a nice and easy tool to use when trying to find information on any topic.
  5.  Blendspace is a tool that already has a gallery of ready made lessons to use in class. Teachers can create their own digital lessons and upload documents or videos, whole lessons as well as copy and develop or edit lessons from other teachers for their own classes.
  6.  Poetry is a tool by the poetry foundation  where you can find resources, poems and a poetry app for mobile devices apart from poetry for children. The site has poem competitions and many other activities.

Edorble also has a blog where teachers can get inspiration. 

I would recommend Edorble for primary schools as it is a safe environment with lots of colourful places to gather in small groups and a big auditorium to watch films and talk to the whole class.Edorble also has children avatars which are not common in other worlds, but which are important if children are to feel at home and want to create an avatar that looks like them.The teacher's voice can be heard in the whole world, so pupils won't be able to hide, leave the world or do other activities, but the ones teachers want them to do.

The best part is to come as Gabe announced that the range of tools would be increasing with time and some day we will be able to access the world via mobile phone and even use Oculus Rift. Of course the world is not only for schools, I can easily imagine companies renting one of them to have international conferences with their branches on a regular basis.  Check the homepage EDORBLE  Even employees with no gaming experience will use the world with perfection as it is very straight forward to understand.

Edorble is a cute world to feel at ease in a private environment. I felt like walking into a children's book where I expected to meet fairy tales of all sorts. The only thing I could not do was take pictures like it is normally the case in other worlds, but the memory of my many visits to the world has not been blurred.



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