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Transition Time in Denmark

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This time I am going to introduce a very interesting project called "Transition Time" This article is the first of a series I have planned for the next few months. Transition Time is a bold and exciting new arena for collective storytelling and collaboration in Second Life created in Denmark. Transition Time was created to combine different perspectives and ways of life in order to enrich our approach to the challenges we face nowadays. They want to help create a more caring, connected sustainable world.

It is being developed by the Danish transmedia company Skandha Media in collaboration with SWIM (Scandinavian World of Innovative Media) and an international network of Media experts, innovative educators, evolutionary leaders, change-makers and NGO’s like the Erwin Lazlo Center, the Club of Budapest, Gaia Education, Women for Caring World, Art Hosting and many more. The group gets larger every day. People invited to collaborate in Transition Time are NGO’s evolutionary- and spiritual leaders, activists, change agents and students from different cultures and all aspects of life (Politics, Economics, Arts, Education, Media, Spirituality, Health, Nature/Ecology). The idea is to collaborate in a series of intergenerational learning villages reviving an ancient tradition going back millennia to explore where mankind comes from. At the same time people can build their own future and try to answer the question "where is mankind going?" All is possible in a virtual world where you can build 3D objects. Transition Time's immersive world is still being built, but it already has a center for advanced studies together with a virtual mystery academy, where you can attend lectures or workshops and meet visionary and curious people from different nationalities and cultures. Here you can explore the four mysteries: Time, space, reality and human consciousness. Apart from that, there is a tv channel, a blog, documentary and a TV series.Transition Time also has a school for evening classes where you can learn languages or other subjects via Avatar. There are more educational projects going on here, so I intend to stay in fascinating Denmark for a while and learn about this innovative way of solving future problems beforehand using a virtual environment, where different nationalities, professions and ages can collaborate with their knowledge, imagination and creativity altogether to make a better world!