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Education in Virtual Worlds

Edutopia Redloaded Part 3

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This time is vacation time and Edutopia has the right thing to get anyone excited about it. Heading towards the mountains from the residential area you will see lodges around a peaceful lake. One of the lodges is the one where students can solve a crime and spend time just admiring the scenery. At the other side of the lake, you can have a camping holiday with fiends, the campers, fire places and boats offer all the comfort for a quiet holiday outdoors. If you go fishing, you better be careful not to fall off the boat, the lake has got more than fish, if you decide to dive, you will find things at the bottom that are not from this world and another adventure awaits there for you. What you will see there is just the beginning.

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Edutopia Reloaded Part 2

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                                                               Last time I stopped at the travel's agency. I went round the square again to the other side and had  a look at the smart court building which is a masterpiece as Barbara made all that is inside herself. She made the banks, the tables, the stairs, etc. I    can imagine having a moot court  competition in English where some students have to learn specific vocabulary for law. Walking further you will have the chance to visit an art  gallery with lots of different pictures in different rooms, they have modern art, classical art, fractal art etc. Those rooms  are a good opportunity for students to talk about colours, shapes, art in general and exhibitions.



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EDUTOPIA Reloaded Part 1

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  This time I am going to write a series of articles on the Edutopia Sim on Kitely.         

  Edutopia was created by Barbara McQueen, an English teacher whose imagination and zealousness will never end. By now Edutopia is ready

  to be launched to the public and anyone can visit. During the almost two years of construction in which I had the honour to help,

  Barbara developed a series of scenarios for unlimited English lessons full of activities and games.

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High Fidelity VW

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A new world.

Where can you create a new world when you don't like the one you are living in or when you want to make it better? Who does not whish right now to be able to move to a better world? Linden labs, the creators of SL (Second Life), have now created it; HIGH FIDELITY. After having spent a lot of time reading about the new virtual world and after visiting several sites there I was able to begin to understand what possibilities people and, in this case, teachers will have, using this fantastic world when it is ready.

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Edorble 3D world

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Edorble is a new 3D world with a different approach. The CEO is Gabe Baker, who is a former teacher, he knows well what a classroom needs. The best is to come, teachers can get a 3D world in Edorble for free. Many teachers may want to start the new school year with new ideas, maybe joining Edorble is a good one.

The world is free at the moment as it is in the Beta phase, so I went in and got a world, after inspecting everything I can say that what I liked most of the world is that it is easy to register, there is uncomplicated access to your own private world and once you are in the world you can use lots of media to teach. I liked the boards with tools ready to use.

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Virtual VHS Gosler

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3D Pass

Part 3

The VHS is a huge school spread throughout Germany, each city has got one and they are linked regionally to each other, although they are independent. Only the city of Gosler offers courses in the sim. The language is German and people must use voice. Some of the courses they offer are specific like a 3D pass for teachers, during the course teachers learn everything necessary to be able to teach in a 3D world, starting from moving their avatars, getting things out of their inventories and using sound, passing through changing form of the avatars, flying, basic building, up to pedagogy for virtual worlds.

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