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Mobile Learning and Digital Games in School

Interactive English Dictionary and Games

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Looking for a Christmas present I came across the interactive English-German dictionary for school children, age 6 to 10, from Ravensburg. The dictionary is part of the Tiptoy collection I referred to in my article preschool learning.

Having a close look at the dictionary I wished there was such a dictionary for older children and students because of the main tool, which is the pen, the pen speaks to you when you point at something on the pages and because the book is really a mobile learning toy, besides you don’t need a screen to use the toy. At the bottom of the dictionary pages you find pictograms. When you tip the pictogram and then the picture or word you want to learn in the book you get one of the following functions:

  1. the pronunciation of the word (eye)
  2. the translation of the word in German (German flag)
  3. stop (stop sign)
  4. repeat (arrows)

The book has also games to review vocabulary with more pictograms:

  1. you can hear a story (speech bubble)
  2. learn more about the word (lamp bulb)
  3. play the game (square with points)

One more advantage is that the vocabulary is separated by topics like house, school, sport etc. and every word has a picture. Watch the film on the tiptoy concept here.The dictionary is not the only thing I found to spend Christmas with children; I also discovered apps for older children where they can train English vocabulary with fun. The apps would also be a nice present. And of course there is a site with free online games for the whole family. To my surprise board games have been digitalized; some have even been made multi player games in English language. You will find more English games here. While playing some of the games it occurred to me that some children might be learning German and their parents might have difficulty finding adequate material. If that is the case, look at Wiesoweshalbwarum a site full of learning games, some of them are on Facebook. Onlinespielwelt has more games you can play together for free. 


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Preschool Learning

Tiptoy is an interactive, audio and learning game series made by Ravensburger in Germany. It consists of games, for all ages, 3-D Puzzles and books for children from three up to ten. Different topics and school subjects can be chosen, for example: Farm, music, numbers or geography and a digital pen with sound. The pen recognizes pictures and produces their respective sound, when you hold the pen on the picture of a river; you can hear the sound of water. The pen also recognizes various symbols at the bottom of the page, each symbol has a different function, e.g. by tipping the ear symbol a voice starts explaining what a river is. Tiptoy is ideal for teaching English as a foreign language as well because it helps develop listening skills at a young age. (read also Interactive Dictionary)


Who applies Mobile Learning?

 Many schools have been using mobile devices to teach. Some schools even have their own apps. Universities rely on Mobile Learning because of the advantages. Primary schools use mobile devices because they have proved to be useful in many ways, for example for disabled kids. Many schools talk about their experiences with Mobile Learning and their positive results. But what do students think? Do they have a different view of Mobile Learning or even further ideas on how can Mobile Learning help us in future? One student explains why Mobile Learning should be standard learning. All in all, we can summarize: Mobile Learning is the future.