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Mobile Learning and Digital Games in School

iTunesU in School

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iTunesU  More than music.

You might know iTunes in connection with iPods and they might belong to the forbidden gadgets in the school you work for. iTunesU is a way to share lectures and more and it is free. You  can use it with kids, or university students. With ipads, or computers.

 Introduction to iTunesU

How to use iTunesU    

There is so much to look at! Where to start? I recommend to have a look at dyscolar to get an overview of a few universities using iTunesU and the courses they have to offer. Chose a video or podcast and plan your next lesson. You are always welcome to write a guest article about your experiences with iTunesu on this blog.



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Engineering English and Iron Lord

The game 

The Iron Lord is suitable to play with students of Mechanical Engineering with B1 or B2 English level not only because it is a nice change to “normal” English lessons, but because the game offers the possibility to apply language knowledge the way students will do in their future jobs. The Iron Lord is about a young man visiting his uncle in Namariel for the first time, the country has been converted in an iron land full of machines with a robot army. The uncle is taken prisoner soon after his nephew arrives, so the new visitor has to work out how machines function in order to save his uncle. The game challenge is not very big for students, they can play the game in a few hours time, and the real challenge will be the task afterwards.


Who applies Mobile Learning?

 Many schools have been using mobile devices to teach. Some schools even have their own apps. Universities rely on Mobile Learning because of the advantages. Primary schools use mobile devices because they have proved to be useful in many ways, for example for disabled kids. Many schools talk about their experiences with Mobile Learning and their positive results. But what do students think? Do they have a different view of Mobile Learning or even further ideas on how can Mobile Learning help us in future? One student explains why Mobile Learning should be standard learning. All in all, we can summarize: Mobile Learning is the future.