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Mobile Learning and Digital Games in Class

Engineering English and Iron Lord

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The game 

The Iron Lord is suitable to play with students of Mechanical Engineering with B1 or B2 English level not only because it is a nice change to “normal” English lessons, but because the game offers the possibility to apply language knowledge the way students will do in their future jobs. The Iron Lord is about a young man visiting his uncle in Namariel for the first time, the country has been converted in an iron land full of machines with a robot army. The uncle is taken prisoner soon after his nephew arrives, so the new visitor has to work out how machines function in order to save his uncle. The game challenge is not very big for students, they can play the game in a few hours time, and the real challenge will be the task afterwards.

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Playing Agatha Christie in Class

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The queen of mystery can be played at school now thanks to the variety of games offered. My idea this time is getting students to play classic literature in their English lessons and practice how to become fluent in English. And perhaps teachers can get students to read other stories by Agatha Christie after they have played a game or two. Playing in class may be a nice way to start the year 2014. See also introduction to digital games for more information on using games at school.

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Teach Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes and his adventures are sometimes read at school, now we have the chance to play them. Three games: The Silver Earring, Jack the Ripper and the Testament are ideal to practice English skills while players travel in time. All players need to have is a fairly good command of English to solve the crimes; the level of English needed varies slightly. Students experience some English history while they walk in London around 1880  (read also Tips to use digital games at school)                                                               

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Learn Vocabulary with two games

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Picture of game Gardenscapes

Learning vocabulary through digital games at school is not easy, unless there are games made for it. Digital games should be fun, so it is not enough to just learn vocabulary when you play them; you have to get involved in some interesting task. I found the right mixture in Gardenscapes. The games have hidden objects and are a kind of adventure made for all ages, but for the purpose it is better to use them for school children and older.  In Gardenscapes 1 the player has inherited a mansion with a huge garden, which has to be rebuilt with money he can earn by making home sales. During the home sales, the player has to pick hidden objects from different rooms according to what his customers ask for, they name an object, the player hears the word once and

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Interactive English Dictionary and Games

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Looking for a Christmas present I came across the interactive English-German dictionary for school children, age 6 to 10, from Ravensburg. The dictionary is part of the Tiptoy collection I referred to in my article preschool learning.

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Revolution In Education System

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Book Review: "Ana, die Schule und der liebe Gott", Author: Richard David Precht, Goldmann, 2013

Is this the way students see us? Is this the way we should see our education system? We need a revolution in the German education system; modern technology should be integrated once and for all. Germany must look into the future and prepare for it. The book is hard core that makes you think about life.

Precht’s plead for a modern school system with no school splitting into three categories after the fourth grade (according to school performance, and more important: according to parent’s occupation and background) serving the purpose of social selection of children in order to secure good future jobs for the rich, keep the working class where “they belong” and stop some immigrants from integrating, came out in time for the German elections.

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Samorost 2 Level B1

 One of my experiments using games in school was to play Samorost 2 and review for the final exam. 

The group consisted of 18  students between 18 and 57 years old with level B1 in English as a foreign language. We used the computer room at school. For the 120 minute lesson we needed The game , online dictionary and verb wheel      

First I introduced the game, the dictionary and the verb wheel  and made teams. Then I handed out papers with questions on the game. The questions had to be answered as students played along. Read how it went.


Who applies Mobile Learning?

 Many schools have been using mobile devices to teach. Some schools even have their own apps. Universities rely on Mobile Learning because of the advantages. Primary schools use mobile devices because they have proved to be useful in many ways, for example for disabled kids. Many schools talk about their experiences with Mobile Learning and their positive results. But what do students think? Do they have a different view of Mobile Learning or even further ideas on how can Mobile Learning help us in future? One student explains why Mobile Learning should be standard learning. All in all, we can summarize: Mobile Learning is the future.